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When was the last time you received a handwritten letter? Ink spilled on a page in familiar script telling the news of the day from far away and signed with love? Letters are rare commodities these days in which communication is more likely to come in the form of a text or tweet than pen and paper.

What if your mailbox was filled with letters everyday? Can you imagine the excitement and anticipation you would feel?

The Bible has been called God’s love letter to us. Sixty-six books filled with truth and instruction for daily living. This year Lamplighters Bible Study will dive into books forty-six and forty-seven of the Bible, the Corinthian letters.

In 57 AD, the city of Corinth was a corrupt mess and the early church established by the apostle Paul was falling apart. Unable to navigate the storm of sin, divisions, and worldly temptations around them, members from the house of Chloe sent a cry for help to Paul. Paul received the letter filled with bad news from the congregation he loved and responded with the Corinthian letters. Paul wrote 1st and 2nd Corinthians troubled and heartbroken for the church. His letters advise how to apply spiritual wisdom to worldly problems.

“Paul’s letters read amazingly current. Filled with tough love and wisdom, it’s like getting a note filled with advice — even a reprimand — from your grandmother or favorite aunt,” said Kristin Schell, a member of Lamplighters.

Beginning its 28th year, Lamplighters will dig deep into scripture to study God’s word in 1st and 2nd Corinthians through inductive Bible study, weekly teaching, small group discussion, and prayerful fellowship. Lamplighters Bible Study begins the week of September 4th and offers various locations and meeting times throughout the week. All Lamplighters use a coordinated lesson schedule and weekly lecture providing a strong sense of community for the women who participate in the study. In addition to convenient meeting times, Lamplighters offers free childcare on Wednesday mornings for infants (3 months and up) and toddlers.

“I think we will discover we have a lot in common with the people of Corinth,” said Kristin. “Gratefully, through scripture we can draw wisdom from the ways of the word not the ways of the world. Lamplighters offers an encouraging community to tackle the tough together.”

Registration for our 2013-2014 study is currently underway. Please make sure you are registered using our easy online form. Prayerfully consider bringing a friend or two to join you this year. If this post landed in your email inbox, forward it now and encourage a friend to join. If you are reading on the web, simply forward this page as an invitation.

See you soon!



Summer Reading Recommendations


Suggested Reading List, Summer, 2013


The Stories That Bind Us from The New York Times 

A Grace Revealed, by Jerry Sittser

A Sanctuary of the Soul, Richard Foster

The Blessing, by Trenton Smalley

I’m Proud of You, My Friendship with Fred Rogers, by Tim Madigan

Unchristian, What a New Generation Really Thinks about Christianity and Why It Matters, by David Kinnaman

Thin Places, by Tracy Balzar

Flat Faith, by Kathy Howard

The Blessing by Gary Smalley and John Trent

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

Just Enough Light for the Step I’m On by Stormie Omartian

When the Game is Over, It All Goes Back in the Box by John Ortberg

Share Your Life Series by Kathy Lashier: Books with simple questions each day to prompt and encourage writing. A wonderful gift to give for loved ones to share family stories.

  • Mom, Share Your Life With Me
  • Dad, Share Your Life With Me
  • Grandma, Tell Me Your Memories
  • Grandpa, Tell Me your Memories


Don’t forget to register {plus pics from the picnic}

It’s hard to believe another year of Lamplighters has come and gone! Summer is upon us, but before everyone scatters, please don’t forget to register. You can register online for First Love: The Corinthian Letters now.

  • Be sure to fill out all forms with an (*), this includes the friend request field. If you aren’t sure, or do not have a preference for small group placement, just put ‘as the Spirit leads’ in the box. 😉
  • You will receive a confirmation email immediately after submitting the form. You must click on this to finalize registration. Check your spam/junk folder if the email doesn’t show up
  • For questions email:



The huge rains last week didn’t deter our ladies from gathering at the Skaggs ranch for the annual Lamplighters picnic. Laughter, food, and stories (of course) were the highlight of the favorite fellowship.









Seriously? Look at those delicious desserts! Thanks to everyone who braved the weather and made it to the picnic. For those of you who couldn’t make it this year, you were missed.

Now y’all go register for the Corinthians study. And, invite a friend (or two!) to join us in the Fall.


Lamplighters Christmas in July

Imagine it’s mid-December. Crisp air fills shorter days. Anticipation abounds. Your heart and soul are warmed by glowing embers as you read devotions aloud to your attentive family who are peacefully nestled under a handmade quilt next to a crackling, wood burning fire.


Sometimes holiday fantasies are just that…fantasy! Fueled by Normal Rockwell images and, more recently, bombarded by the perfection purported on Pinterest! Disclaimer – I love Pinterest. I especially love Pinterest in July when the longer days allow for a little extra indulgence. But, Pinterest at Christmas?  You get the picture…

Last December, several Lamplighters were chatting – as Lamp Ladies tend to do, about wonderful books, Advent activities, and devotionals. The only problem was, for the most part, these resources landed in our laps, or we remembered them, a day late and a nickel short, as the saying goes. Like finding the perfect Advent calendar on December 19th. We made note to share some of our favorite Christmas ideas with you, in a timely manner, and Lamplighters Christmas in July was born. The miracle is not in the ideas, but that we remembered to share them at all.

Our intent is not to add more to your Christmas ‘to-do’ list. Rather, we hope to inspire you with Christ-centered traditions early enough for you to pray about and plan which ones might work for you and your family. On the list, you won’t find tips for creating fancy packages with recycled candy wrappers and scented pinecones or the latest chocolate, marshmallow, peanut butter, cake pop, mason jar DIY craft. We’ve kept the list simple, and hope it will kindle a flame that will burn brightly now and in December.

Emmanuel means God with us. It’s a promise. Not just for December 25th, but for today. And always.

Come join us on Pinterest for a list of ideas collected from our midst. All the ideas you love in December, but wish you had thought about in July! You’ll find a free printable to start a Jesse Tree, several classic children’s books, a daily devotional focused on rediscovering the meaning of Christmas, and links to inspiring blog posts and series.

By all means, this list is not exhaustive! We’d love your input, too – send an email to

with links to your favorite Christmas ideas and we’ll pin them to our board.

Merry Christmas, friends!


Lamplighters Summer Study 2012


While the official first day of summer may be over a month away, it already feels like it’s upon us in Austin. School is almost out and we’ve already hit temperatures in the 90’s.

Have you made plans to stay in God’s Word this summer?

The Lamplighters Summer Study begins this week and it’s not too late to join. Lamplighters will work through “Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth” by Richard Foster. We hope to grow closer to Christ as we explore what the Bible says about discipline in our worship lives.

The Summer Study group will meet every Thursday from May 10th through August 16th in room CO 202 at Covenant Presbyterian Church, from noon until 1pm. For more information and to register, please email Megan Poore.

We’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment on our Facebook page

and tell us how you plan to stay in Scripture this summer. You never know how your suggestions might bless someone.

Encourage one another!



Gathered ’round the table

Stacey Thacker & Brooke McGlothlin, Hope for the Weary Mom

A beautiful thing happens when women gather at a kitchen table. Conversations flow, hearts soften and relationships are nurtured. By God’s grace, that is exactly what happened at the Lamplighters Kitchen Table Talk on Saturday, April 14th.

Oh – and there was also coffee and lots of chocolate!

Seventy-nine women registered for the first ever Kitchen Table Talk hosted by Lamplighters Bible Study, a ministry of Covenant Presbyterian Church. Sixty-eight of these women made it to the table with forty children in tow. Can we please give a shout out of great thanks for our amazing childcare helpers?!? The women who gathered for the Hope for the Weary Mom talk represented twenty-four churches throughout the Austin community.

The morning featured authors and speakers Brooke McGlothlin and Stacey Thacker who poured out their hearts and shared stories from their own journeys as weary moms. In their willingness to be transparent and openly discuss both the good and the hard situations they’ve encountered in the overwhelming call of motherhood, Brooke and Stacey provided hope by sharing how God meets them in the middle of their real life messes.

After hearing from the speakers, women had the opportunity for ‘table talk’, where very real and honest conversations occurred.

Lamplighters Kitchen Table Talk

“Brooke and Stacey’s talk touched my heart. I heard loud and clear that I am not alone in feeling ‘messy’. I am grateful for the hope and healing they provided me and many other wonderful women that participated. I think it’s so beautiful for women to come together and get real about what is really happening in our lives and our hearts,” said Annie who attended the Kitchen Table Talk.

In addition to sharing their hearts, Brooke and Stacey gave practical ways to seek hope in our everyday lives. For a free copy of the  H.O.P.E. document they taught please subscribe to the Hope for the Weary Mom newsletter here. As part of  H.O.P.E., Brooke and Stacey encouraged women to pray, specifically for a friend with whom they can confide in and share the ups and downs of motherhood. They also recommended finding time daily to spend in the truth of God’s Word. As a Bible Study we couldn’t agree more! Of course we’d love for everyone to join Lamplighters for our next study – Genesis: Tell Me The Story.

But, there are many opportunities to study Scripture, including the suggestions Brooke and Stacey offered –  Savoring Living Water and Focused15. Katie Orr, author of Focused15, has offered a 50% discount to our Kitchen Table Talk community for her current Bible study on 1 Corinthians 13

. Simply enter the code: LAMP at check out for your discount which is good through the end of April 2012.

If you were unable to attend the Kitchen Table Talk, or you just want to hear Brooke and Stacey again, we’ve uploaded their talk here


Finally, Save the Date! Lamplighters will host the next Kitchen Table Talk on Saturday, November 3rd. We’ll be talking about Family Dynamics, just in time for the holidays.

We look forward to seeing you gathered ’round the table.





Lamplighters First Kitchen Table Talk: Hope for the Weary Mom


Wonder what all that chocolate has to do with a blog post about Lamplighters first Kitchen Table Talk? You might call it provision. Or maybe just gobs of chocolate for the weary mamas attending the Hope for the Weary Mom event this Saturday, April 14th. In fact, we considered briefly renaming the Kitchen Table Talk Hope and Chocolate for the Weary Mom.

Kitchen Table Talks are obviously not about chocolate. These informal gatherings, created as an outreach effort of Lamplighters Bible Study, are about community. We were meant to be in community with each other. To do life together.

Maybe you are feeling fresh out of awesomeness as a mother? Come to the table.

Perhaps you are struggling with the overwhelming call of raising children? Come to the table.

You might be a grandmother – grateful, but weary from taking care of your own child’s children. Come to the table.

Maybe you think this event has nothing to do with you, perhaps isn’t relevant to your stage of life. Come to the table.

Why the invitation to come to the table? Because that’s where life happens. For centuries women have gathered in places to share stories and discuss the news of the day. Over the years, these places of gathering have changed from water wells and fire pits to kitchen tables and coffee shops. Venues may evolve, but our need to be in community, to fellowship, remains.

Come to the table, friends! Let’s do life together and encourage one another.

Lamplighters Kitchen Table Talk: Hope for the Weary Mom

 Saturday, April 14, 2012

9:30 am – 11:30 am

Covenant Presbyterian Church

3003 Northland Drive, Austin, Texas 78757

FEB 200

Come sit at the table with fellow weary moms Brooke McGlothlin and Stacey Thacker. Authors and speakers, but more importantly wives and mothers, Brooke and Stacey are in the trenches of motherhood.  Join us at the table as these weary moms share how God meets us in our daily, messy lives.

Free childcare for children 3 months – 12 years is available for this event. Reservations are required and can be made by emailing

Click here to register for the April, 14 Kitchen Table Talk: Hope for the Weary Mom.




Braving the Web

Welcome! We’re glad you’ve found our little corner in cyberspace and hope you will make yourself at home.

Maybe you are wondering why Lamplighters Bible Study is venturing out into the worldy widely web – with a website, podcast, Facebook and Twitter? Trust me, we’ve wondered plenty ourselves over the last couple of years. Then we stopped wondering so much and started praying, which is a pretty good idea for a group of Bible study leaders, don’t you think?

Slowly but surely, the Lord began shaping, molding, leading and preparing us for a time such as this.

The vision for Lamplighters Bible Study began in 1961 with the prayers of an ordinary woman named Esther Eaton. As the wife of Covenant Presbyterian Church’s founding pastor, Mrs. Eaton prayed for a Bible study for the women of their newly planted church. The Lord answered those faithful prayers in 1985 when a small group of women started a pilot Bible study on — The Book of Esther. Coincidence? We think not.

It’s safe to assume that when Mrs. Eaton began praying for a women’s Bible study in 1961 she made no mention of a website or Facebook! But, the Lord hears the supplications of his people. Mrs. Eaton probably never envisioned that over 300 women would register in 2011 to study the Gospel of Mark with Lamplighters. No, Mrs. Eaton’s prayers were simple — that the Lord would bring women with a desire and hunger for his living Word together to study scripture, pray, and fellowship in the name of Jesus.

Our venue may be modern, but our mission remains Mrs. Eaton’s timeless prayer.

Lord, we ask that your word would be a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. We pray for all the women you have sent to Lamplighters and those you will bring to this new community on the web. Thank you, Father, for the gift of Lamplighters, where women have the privilege of gathering to study your word, pray, and fellowship. In Jesus’ powerful and precious name. Amen.